Plumbing and Gas Fitting for Businesses in Cairns

Briody Plumbing is the commercial plumber in Cairns you can trust. Whether you are in the process of building or renovating a commercial location or require maintenance and repair work, we are ready to help.

Our commercial plumbing services are affordable and convenient. Despite only being a two-man team, we have relationships with some of the best contractors in the area, allowing us to scale up our team for bigger jobs.

At Briody Plumbing, we put all our experience and knowledge into the next job, ensuring our clients get the very best when they hire us to work on their plumbing and gas fitting systems. Our ethos involves forging close relationships with small and mid-sized businesses in the area. As a small business, we understand the challenges that our clients face each year. We want to help your business run smoothly, through affordable and convenient plumbing and gas fitting services, delivered on time and to budget.

Our commercial services include new plumbing installations, maintenance and repairs and gas fitting work. Briody Plumbing can also prepare plumbing and gas fitting reports for commercial properties in the Cairns area.

We offer the most comprehensive and affordable services to businesses in the region. If you require plumbing or gas fitting assistance in Cairns, call Briody Plumbing for a free quote today.

New Installations

Plumbing Installation — Gas Fitting Service in Cairns, QLD
If you are opening a new business, expanding or renovating, you will require our expertise. We can handle installation of pipes, plumbing fixtures, bathroom and kitchen appliances and a whole host of other services to help your construction project run as smoothly as possible. We also work with hot water and greywater systems, toilet installations, blocked drains, septic systems, rainwater tank repairs, grease trap emptying and heat pump inspections. When you hire Briody Plumbing, you are getting the best.

Our team can also install gas lines or appliances for your newly constructed space. Whether it is a commercial stovetop, oven or grill, we have the knowledge and tools to complete a stellar job at a reasonable rate.


Maintenance of your plumbing and gas systems is crucial to ensure your business is running smoothly. We offer annual contracts, where we perform scheduled checks and repairs over the year, minimising the risk of downtime due to faulty fixtures.

Our team will go over your plumbing, drainage, hot water and septic systems to ensure everything is running smoothly. We can also check to see that your gas lines and appliances are functioning correctly and without any leakage.

Not only are our maintenance services convenient, but they can save you a lot of money and hassle over time.
Maintenance — Gas Fitting Service in Cairns, QLD


If you notice a problem with your plumbing or gas fitting systems and appliances, be sure to give us a call. We can come to your commercial location in an emergency or via appointment. We repair plumbing systems and fixtures, pipes, hot water systems, toilets, garbage disposals, drainage problems, heat pumps, gas lines and appliances, and grease traps.
Repairs — Gas Fitting Service in Cairns, QLD