FAQs - Cairns Plumbing & Gas Fitting

Briody Plumbing is an experienced small business that offers plumbing and gas fitting services to domestic and commercial clients in Cairns. We serve all the suburbs of the city, along with surrounding communities. If you are unsure about whether we cover your location, do not hesitate to call and ask. We are happy to answer any other questions that may not be covered in this list of FAQs below:

When are you available for hire?

Briody Plumbing is open five days a week throughout the year. We conduct most jobs by appointment. If we are free, we can be at your location the same day, but most appointments are for one or two days in the future.

We also offer 24/7 emergency plumbing and gas fitting. If you have a time-sensitive issue, such as a burst water pipe, leaking septic tank, backflow problems or a gas leak, we can be at your residence or business urgently to assist.

Do you offer free quotes?

Yes, all you need to do is call or email Briody Plumbing. One of us will answer your call. If we are busy, leave your information in a voicemail, and we will call back. Our team is happy to provide a fair price quote based on the information you give us. An accurate, binding quote is only possible when we visit your location to work.

Whenever I run water or flush a toilet in my house, a toilet in my downstairs bathroom floods. What is happening?

Such an issue is most likely related to your septic system. You may have a burst or clogged pipe in your septic system that is causing this problem to present itself. The best course of action is to hire Briody Plumbing. We will examine the issue, determine the cause and perform thorough and affordable repairs so the problem is contained and unlikely to cause you grief in the future.

I recently bought a new barbeque grill. Can you help me set it up?

Yes, we always advise clients call when they have a gas appliance that requires installation or maintenance. It is best to hire Briody Plumbing, as we are very affordable and work quickly. In no time, you will have a flawless barbeque gas grill that you can turn on with a twist of a knob!

Can you install or adjust plumbing during home construction or renovation?

Yes, we specialise in such work. If you are renovating your house or adding a room, you may need to install, replace or move existing plumbing. We can work with your other contractors and service professionals to ensure seamless integration of our services into the project.

Is there a way to know if I have a gas leak?

There are some gas leaks where you can smell the issue as it reaches a critical stage. However, carbon monoxide cannot be smelt or seen. It is one of the most common gas leaks in Australian homes or businesses. We recommend that you have a detector installed in the relevant spaces of your residence or business. If it goes off, call us immediately!